Jarren San Jose


I'm Jarren.

I am heavily involved in the NFT and crypto space, and build and advise for web3 and NFT projects.

I bought my first NFT in September 2020 from NBA Top Shot and haven't taken a break from NFTs since. My favorite project is Bored Ape Yacht Club!

I really love building! I have wrote smart contracts and websites for other people! I love enabling others to achieve their personal goals.

Before I was a Full Stack Software Engineer in the Bay Area and even did my own startup that I was the Chief Engineer where we achieved 100,000 monthly users and got some partnerships!

For fun, I love to trade stocks and manage my portfolio!


Boring Stuff (section is work in progress and i am procrastinating)

  • did a startup and was part of the boomtown startup accelerator
  • startup partnered with NASA-Funded Partner Higher Ground
  • won CES Innovation Award
  • Alexa Developer Program
  • Project with over 100,000 monthly users
  • BCG Digital Ventures Blockchain Invitee 2017
  • Wall Street Journal Technology Front Page
  • NVIDIA Inception Program Program Member
  • made a personal project that completed over 1000 evaluations in two weeks and recognized and shared by people with 10million followers
  • and more boring stuff
Learn more about my experience and projects on my LinkedIn.